Hotel Healdsburg Holiday Season 2016 – 2017
25 Matheson Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448

Las Vegas has no fog, nothing as enchanting as waking up in the morning surrounded by redwood trees in a magical forest where visitors can almost sense the supernatural fly by of elves riding on fairy wings. Does that sound stupid? Because if you were to leave the sand desert of Nevada only to find yourself waking up in they morning at the Hotel Healdsburg, you would leave northern California transformed. The Hotel Healdsburg is the epicenter. The perfect location across from the town plaza with a variety of fine dining restaurants, walking trails, a steam creeking under a little bridge right outside your door. While travelers ate breakfast on New Years Day, breakfast served from by the famous Chef Charlie Palmer as Palmer’s restaurant Dry Creek Kitchen is practically attached to this hotel. Now if the best chefs, fancy restaurants and gorgeous morning air from the Pacific Ocean don’t impress you, visit the Spa. Private teachers gave yoga classes next to The Spa which had private rooms, art, experts, and all right next to the swimming pool. Walking distance from handmade ice cream at Noble Folk, steps away from boutiques and bookstores like Copperfields, vintage cathedral churches, and the best bakery that pulls drivers off the freeway named the Downtown Bakery and Creamery. Before your exodus from the hotel, waltz over the bridge outside the hotel to a large grocery store to buy food for your trip south to San Francisco or north to Oregon. But if you visit the Hotel Healdsburg remember to follow me for lunch to Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery to take the lamb, salad and pizza or simply stand at the bar and taste wine for free until we head back to the hotel for dinner. I keep mentioning food. This is important to answer. Restaurants surrounded the Hotel Healdsburg as if the luxury hotel were the epicenter of the grand Healdsburg dining experience. Farms, gardens, and dairy cattle surround these restaurants. Imagine each bite form your meal being fresh. As I said, the morning pastries with pleasantries were being brought of out of Chef Charlie Palmer’s restaurant. He wins awards for his plates. You enjoy his meals with your hotel stay. Under the stairs were bicycles for visitors. Unwind with the yoga instructor. She gives private lessons as well. Tutors are available for children learning Math. I kid you not, I met the Math tutor myself in the hotel’s private gym. She teaches Math to children. If you want to get out to hike, there are morning breakfasts at the Downtown Bakery and Creamery before a game of golf, again follow me for lunch at Coppola’s Winery or head down to Korbel Champagne Cellars like I did to buy bottled wedding gifts from their private reserves. I passed Clos du Bois Winery as I left the hotel with a mind on dessert from the eccentric homemade pies at Noble Folk Ice Cream, and again back to the Hotel Healdsburg for dinner at the Dry Creek Kitchen with Chef Charlie Palmer’s excellent chefs preparing each corner of your plate. The teacher I spoke to took me on a short walking tour to other restaurants in the area which have been gaining international awards for their menu. Five minutes from the front lobby, this restaurant called Valette on Center Street was only open for dinner, not lunch when I arrived, but all the restaurant fans worldwide are talking about the chef as if he is the new artists on the culinary scene to recognize. Bring your camera. Your friends won’t believe you had such an experience full of treasure until they see the photographs. Stay at the Hotel Healdsburg, especially if you like to eat the best food prepared at various restaurants in northern California without having to drive your car around each city. Each place is a simple walk from your room if you sleep at the Hotel Healdsburg on your vacation from Las Vegas, Nevada. As I write these words, I want to pick up and move my home to Healdsburg. Majestic, magical, you have to experience the town with your own eyes, but you cannot just pass the town without seeing the boutiques roomed around the courtyard plaza in downtown Healdsburg.

Valette Restaurant
Healdsburg California

Charlie Palmer
Dry Creek Kitchen
Healdsburg California



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