Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Keolis Driverless Shuttle

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Mayor Carolyn Goodman introduces the world to the first self-driving shuttle bus in the United States as the bus is launched to run along Fremont Street Experience to the Downtown Container Park.

ARMA named after Armadillos

The Las Vegas driverless vehicle nicknamed Arma because the shuttle resembles the little animal known as the Armadillos – The ARMA is developed by the Paris-based company Navya. The electric vehicle will be making trips down Fremont Street.

Electric Shuttle Bus with No Driver

Green, No Gas, Fully Electric Vehicle

Keolis Las Vegas is the first self driving shuttle in the United States of America showcasing their first ride in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

Keolis is the largest private sector French transport group. It runs passenger railways, tramways, bus networks, funiculars, trolley buses, and airport services.



Mayor Carolyn Goodman Introduces First Self-Driving Bus in U.S. by Keolis in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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