Noble Folk Pies and Ice Cream in Healdsburg California

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Noble Folk Pies and Ice Cream in Healdsburg California
116 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA 9544
Lucky for all the visitors waltzing through downtown Healdsburg on New Years Eve, Noble Folk Pies and Ice Cream was open. Nothing was open: Not the restaurants. Nor the grocery stores. Usually I wouldn’t have walked into a ice cream parlor, but many people were going in and out of the well lit white walled boutique with jams, ice cream sauces and awesome reviews posted on the wall. The boutique was grand. The place called Noble Folk. Creative, unique house baked pies combined with homemade ice cream utilizing mint chocolate mousse served in an oreo cookie pie crust. Custard pies with the taste of butterscotch, pecan pies with bourbon, and the most fabulous mixtures for ice cream; Frosted corn flakes with maple syrup and seasonal pumpkin flavors with added chocolate. I felt so lucky finding the place. I immediately told all my friends about the desserts in Nevada. When I fly with them to the Wine Country, I am going to definitely stop in Healdsburg just to introduce them to the tastes of Noble Folk. Between the spectacular Hotel Healdsburg’s dining experience at Dry Creek Kitchen and the bakery across the courtyard known as the Bakery and Creamery, dining experiences like Noble Folk are giving drivers a reason to pull over off the highway 101 to enjoy fine foods apart from the wine tasting Wine Country experience. Almond with green tea ice cream and the exotic delicious purple yam delight from Japan, tourists cannot get the taste of Noble Folk ice cream out of their memory. 



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