Beach House Tacos Ventura California

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Beach House Tacos on Ventura Beach
668 Harbor Blvd. Ventura, CA 93001
Lines, crowds, each day we ate at Beach House Fish Tacos there were lines of people, crowds wait to eat the famous fish tacos at Ventura’s Beach House. We drove from Las Vegas and stopped, drove from Santa Barbara and stopped again, all the boutiques and owners from the gift shop Sea Things recommended we dine at Beach House. The long lines mean that the Beach House is the best place to eat fresh seafood along the beach. Grilled prawns, calamari, ahi tuna, plus ground beef tacos with grilled raisins that tasted delicious. Combinations with lime, red peppers and red cabbage, all fresh vegetables from the farms circling Ventura that we saw while driving from Las Vegas, Nevada.
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