Lucky Llama Coffee House Carpinteria California

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Lucky Llama Coffee House represents Carpinteria so well with the coffee houses quality yet casual California beach community. Children, parents, early in the morning while my wife and son were still sleeping, the Lucky Llama was the most popular space in town next to that giant tree with a historic reputation. The aroma of the coffee and baked pasties catches you as you turn the corner off the sidewalk. I walk each morning when visiting Carpinteria from Las Vegas, Nevada, but the first place I rest for breakfast coffee and a spinach with feta cheese croissant is the Lucky Llama. Carpinteria’s special treat. I want to return to the beach community simply thinking about relaxing mornings covered in coastal fog eating French baked breads on the patio at Lucky Llama. Plus I still have to try that bicycle shop next door. The bicycle shop is always closed when I am at Lucky Llama early in the morning, but we have rent bikes at the shop next time we visit.



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