Rip Curl Ventura Beach California 2017

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Rip Curl Ventura Beach California 2017

Our photographers always stop at Rip Curl to buy their props for the surf boards, Spring Break advertising with the models, bikini swimwear for the models and all the equipment that we require for the Southern California photo shoots along Santa Barbara, California beaches. At least four models have returned to Rip Curl with their boyfriends to sign up for surfing lessons and schedule photo shoots with other photographers to update their portfolios in Malibu, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara, California. There are amazing photographers around Hollywood, California. Models visiting California always shop at Rip Curl stores for their photoshoots and gifts back home. Many of the models probably sell their swimwear to other friends and models when they return to Chicago, New York City, and Paris, France. The models and photographers from Las Vegas were totally lost when looking for surf boards and swimsuits in California. The Rip Curl employees were extremely helpful. Excellent customer service. We bought more thanks to all their help finding what we needed for the perfect photography.

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