Muscle Beach Venice California South Santa Monica Pier

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Muscle Beach rocks with energy. I just finished telling my fitness friends into body building who are from out of town to fly into LAX instead of Las Vegas where I live so that I can take them to Muscle Beach south of the Santa Monica Pier so that they can experience the worldwide vibe of enthusiasm along Venice Beach with the fine restaurants, drum circles, music, gift shops, coffee houses, cafes, basketball and swimming along the beach. Nothing is better for tourists to explore than the California feel at Venice’s outdoor gym at Muscle Beach, especially before the experiences at the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas also has a huge fitness population with security guards, showgirls, dancers, and attractive people into their bodies, but our weight rooms aren’t outdoors by the ocean. Still we work out 24/7/365 days of the year in our health clubs, but I drive to Muscle Beach once every two weeks to remember why it is important to look good, exercise, and lift weights. Everybody looks like a fashion model at Muscle Beach.

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