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Kaempfer Crowell Las Vegas always provides a powerful lesson on land use and zoning laws at City Hall when their attorneys fight for a client. I moved here from New York City, but lived in many cities around the world including San Francisco working with attorneys from Stanford, Hastings, including the District Attorney in San Mateo, but law is a different creature taking on multiple masks in Las Vegas, Nevada. Legal battles here create great books. Each day waltzing the maze becomes a publisher’s dream. Public speaking, attitude, clarity, not to mention the extreme amount of money that influences so many cases in Las Vegas from Operation G-String that tied up the Clark County Commissioners sending leaders in Nevada to prison to challenges involving medical marijuana as weed evolved into recreational usage with smooth deals surrounding downtown’s law corridor – Thus I study the attorney’s cases in person. That being said, I learned a great deal about legislation in Las Vegas and Reno, especially with the law surrounding real estate, golf course land use litigation and especially grace under pressure as people sitting with me in the Council Chambers listened to Kaempfer and Crowell lawyers with Stephanie Allen argue their case before the Clark County Planning Commissioners in the Government Building, inside Las Vegas City Hall with Mayor Goodman and the Council as well as the battle over Queensridge involving the City Attorney. The audience was so excited that people would stand in the back instead of sit. One Wednesday, the cases started at 8 AM in the City Hall Council Chambers and lasted past midnight into the following day only to end with an individual standing for public comment asking how she could get into the mafia to join organized crime which seemed to be the reason she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in the first place. Hollywood Reality TV Show producers have asked to cover cases in City Hall. Our District Attorney stars in a TV Show called Las Vegas Law. The Las Vegas courts are difference, which is why the Law School at the University of Nevada Las Vegas may be winning so many awards for their legal programs. There are lessons lawyers learn here in Southern Nevada that they will learn nowhere else on the planet Earth with resorts, golf courses, casinos, marijuana, RICO’s influence on organized crime. Our city has a museum dedicated to crime bosses known as the Mob Museum. – Yet we turn to the best lawyers like Stephanie Allen to observe what Kaempfer Crowell does to win a case, not simply argue in a legal arena.
Kaempfer Crowell Law Firm in Las Vegas
1980 Festival Plaza Dr #650, Las Vegas, NV 89135

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