Santa Barbara Roasting Company Coffee CA - Feb 2017 (6)
Santa Barbara is peaceful, but the quality luxury that is found in Santa Barbara, especially for visitors from out of town like our family, Santa Barbara Roasting Company defines the quality of the perfect life living near the sea on the ocean called State Street with the fine restaurants serving unique seafood dishes, authentic chocolate handcrafted right next door to the Roasting Company. How unique is that? What a special city Santa Barbara is. The mocha aromas filled with mint while showcasing surf boards on the wall with fresh baked pastries behind glass. The friendly atmosphere. We arrived from Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas has many casinos, gambling destinations, slot machines, Thus those reading, relaxing, enjoying their baked pastries with light coffee, you must imagine how nice Santa Barbara is for us to visit driving in from the Mojave desert, especially coffee houses with such quality as your Santa Barbara Roasting Company. Less we forget to mention the shops only inches away from this coffee house – Maya Chocolate, Yoga Soup, D’Angelo’s Bakery; Those places were simply one corner, one simple corner, of this seaside beach city. Santa Barbara is masterpiece.

Santa Barbara Roasting Company
321 Motor Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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