Yoga Soup Santa Barbara California

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Yoga Soup Santa Barbara CA - Feb 2017 (9)
Yoga Soup Santa Barbara California
Yoga Soup was marvelous. The name Yoga Soup caught our attention as we were sightseeing after tasting chocolates at Maya and drinking java at Santa Barbara Roasting Company on State Street. Various traditions of hatha, jnana, and bhakti yoga. Special events in Santa Barbara, California. Classes, lessons, supplies, the diners eating breakfast around us were either coming back from a yoga class or going to a yoga instructor. Santa Barbara is very serious about appearance, looking perfect, aerobics, yoga, cycling, hiking, and surfing. Yoga Soup seemed very popular with in the city especially with events and as a meeting place to centralize the neighboring community. Yoga Soup is a must visit tourists attraction if you are practicing yoga even where we live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I hope more people from the health club in Nevada that we go to get to spend a weekend or longer visiting Santa Barbara’s Yoga Soup.

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