Echo and Rig Tivoli Village Las Vegas

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Echo and Rig Tivoli Village Las Vegas

440 S Rampart Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89145
Las Vegas is full of fabulous chefs. I conducted a breakfast interview with a famous chef at MGM Resorts who asked to meet me for breakfast at Cafe Leone in Tivoli Village. The time was early. As soon as Echo & Rig opened up across the street from Cafe Leone, the chef jumped up saying, “Come with me.” They took me inside Echo & Rig. They said, “It is the best!” The best chefs and bakers in Las Vegas enjoy eating at Echo & Rig. Yesterday the professionals on Dancing with the Stars opened their new dance studio named Dance with Me Summerlin across the street. All the people went to eat dinner at Echo & Rigs. The place was so packed that they had to put out tables and chairs for people to sit on as they waited. Each diner beamed with a smile. The place is gorgeous. The food delicious. Tivoli Village is masterful. Dining in Tivoli Village gives each bite the impression on the brain that you are dining in Europe. Combine the atmosphere with the taste at Echo & Rig and your experience is similar to traveling outside of Las Vegas for a weekend vacation in an exotic city separated from the gambling gaming town full of casinos. 
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