Las Vegas Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen Thai Cuisine 2017

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Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen

2110 N Rampart Blvd #110, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Corner of Lake Mead and Rampart Boulevard
Las Vegas Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen Thai Cuisine 2017
9 pm at night and I am still taking my time eating you amazing tempura spinach salad that I ordered around 11 am. As I ate lunch in your restaurant today, I noticed that all four tables sitting around me ordered your famous tempura spinach salad – The same one I am taking my time with. I brought the spinach and sauce into the office to share with my engineers. They all loved the taste. Absolutely divine. The curry aroma war unforgettable. The people near me order the salmon after their world famous spinach appetizer. The service was wonderful. Even the water – The simple glass of H2O water had flavor as the waiter told me that the water had been prepared that day with oranges and strawberries. Each day the water is different. Some days the water has fresh cut limes or cut green cucumbers with lemon. You can’t take a drink without bringing out flavor. I have to return with my family for the curry dishes with the salmon. We never heard of you. Your restaurant is across town from us, but we were at a shredding event with Councilman Bob Beers this morning at the Veteran’s Memorial near Costco and I said, “I have to cover a restaurant review today. Name a great restaurant around here. What do you recommend?” Without hesitation, Councilman Beers asked, “Do you enjoy Thai dishes? Try Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen on Rampart and Lake Mead.” Your menu was worth the drive. Each bite is inspirational: Spinach prepared with the texture of Japanese tempura but served with a delightful oil and vinegar sauce combining cashews, fresh shredded carrots, green onions rolls, red onions, herbs and oils. Delicious with the shrimp pad thai noodles. After eating, I still had enough to take to the office and eat now for dinner at nine o’clock at night. I wish I lived near Rampart Blvd. After leaving to see the patio dining outside, I went next door to discover the olive oil tasting at Big Horn Olive Oil Company. The bottles of olive oil and vinegar reminded me of the wineries in the Santa Barbara Wine Country. I learned about recipes from owner, Julie Young, and walked out with a gift for my friend’s Purim celebration.
Next door to Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen is Big Horn Olive Oil Company with Julie Young.
Big Horn Olive Oil Company
2110 N Rampart Blvd #140, Las Vegas, NV 89128
The world’s finest oils and vinegars here in Las Vegas, Nevada, what a pleasant surprise.


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