The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Library & Institute 2017

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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Library & Institute 2017
40 Presidential Dr, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Sunday, I drove into Yorba Linda to visit the Richard Nixon Library. Monday, I woke up early in Santa Barbara to get to the Ronald Reagan Library an hour early. The timing was right, because lines began to form, shuttle buses parked with hundreds of international visitors and hundreds of elementary school students arrived for a trip. The learning experience was incredible. Honestly I learned more than I thought I would by reading all the various exhibits and unlike other museums, I was able to get a tour of the inside of Air Force One, the same airplane that served seven Presidents in the United States as well as helicopter. There was a jet outside used over Libya. I thought I would spend one or two hours inside, but stayed the entire day, and I am sure that I will return. The Ronald Reagan library taught me a lot. I returned to Las Vegas and gathered around the government officials that knew Reagan, Kissinger, people involved with foreign affairs overseas now retired in Nevada. I really want to read more, ask questions, and return by summer. I am glad I didn’t take my son. I have to admit, he would have been bored of all the exhibits. I was lucky that I am a fast reader with the ability to take my time, stop and eat lunch, and continue to see more exhibits. There is a restaurant, pub, and a super market down the street with a Tommy’s Chili Burgers. The dishes of food served were excellent with people enjoying outside ocean breezes on the patio. Fog rolled in over the mountains by afternoon. The tour guide told us that in the summer there will be a Titanic exhibit with treasure from the sunken ship Titanic. I hope to return before summer with a group of friends from Las Vegas. 

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