Soho Sushi Burrito UNLV

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UNLV serves up giant sushi roll for my son at lunch time with the crab meat California roll, but he added tomatos, spinach, and corn to this super sized treat. Now I will have to return at least three times a week, but it is good to take the kids to the Student Union at the University of Nevada Las Vegas so that they can feel like college students studying over the summer. The place was packed with students taking courses over the summer. Nice air conditioning, clean, plus the new housing units have a pool and court yard in the center like a resort casino. Rooms have views of the outside looking out at the university and inside staring down at the swimming pool that in this heat students will be able to use the swimming pool 12 months out of the year to study and swim by the pool. I wish my college had a 365 day seasonal heated swimming pool. I studied at SFSU, where Mark Twain was known to have said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer in San Francisco, California.”

University of Nevada Las Vegas Student Union

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