LVLUpExpo2017 (1784)
Las Vegas’ best, most creative and dynamic minds are operating together to design this local event LVL UP, which is drawing global attention to Las Vegas right before Summer 2017, especially on Mother’s Day. Large gatherings of families with mothers dressed up with children as comic book favorites arrived for food and fun at LVL Up to watch actors wrestle in a ring to draw laughs. Fans as far away as Berlin, Germany, Shanghai China, and London are already talking about 2018. Summer 2017 hasn’t even arrived yet and international audiences are talking about 2018. LVL UP is going to blow San Diego’s Comic Con out of the arena, because the leadership of CEO Colten Pipkin really knows how to create a special event that attracts special guests to the panel. The speakers look forward to lecturing at LVL Up in Las Vegas, Nevada. History in the making. LVL UP Expo is changing the face of the Entertainment Capital of the World.

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