Silent Heroes Of The Cold War National Memorial

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Spring Mountain CIA Memorial Visitors Gateway Mount Charleston Thomas Chee Secret Heroes (7)

Area 51, CIA, Las Vegas, Groom Lake, now Mount Charleston? I heard so many wonderful things about the memorial for the silent heroes from Lena Walther and her husband Ken Walther that I carried a note in my pocket on a 3×5 inch card to drive up to the mountain side to Kyle Canyon to see the site for myself. The history in Las Vegas amazes me. Bob Beers and his dad, Frank Beers, taught me to appreciate the history of Nevada and taught me a lot about Las Vegas. Commissioner Larry Brown gave me a book on the history of Las Vegas that I refer to a lot when I need to research the truth. Felipe A Ortiz taught me about a Sheriff in the past of Las Vegas that had a lot of power. My point is that I can learn about the history of Las Vegas with you, but there are secrets, secrets that Ken Walther has shared about memorials to silent heroes in the CIA that protect us. These men and women protect the whole country, the entire nation, from dangerous forces outside of our control. So as we wander at work, produce equipment, building businesses, develop properties, and enjoy Ken Henderson‘s magicians, musicians, and performers at his BestAgency, the CIA protects us, watches over us, and allows us to spend time with our families while they fight the secret wars that their families don’t even hear about. These heroes at Area 51 died and their families didn’t learn about the truth for years. I study the history of Las Vegas and I would have never driven to Mount Charleston to learn about the secret Cold War warriors if I hadn’t listen to Ken Walther tell the story of Area 51 and Mount Charleston to Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick. Las Vegas becomes more interesting when you listen to its pulse.

2525 Kyle Canyon
Mount Charleston, Nevada
Dedicated to the Silent Heroes of the Central Intelligence Agency CIA
Publisher, Thomas Chee

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