Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Seroka’s Law

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Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is met with applause and protest as she states that she will not support Councilman Steve Seroka’s agenda to a new open space law.

Old article written earlier (below);

The elections were tough, challenging, but the drama doesn’t stop there: Today at City Hall promises another long night as City Hall is packed with community organizers, advocates, protesters, after bill number 2018-24 on golf courses, open spaces, Summerlin, Queensridge, law sues, taxes, fines, the most influential attorneys in the nation are here in the chambers today. The laws will change. The nation is watching. Law schools will be teaching this land law, zoning law, forever. Nothing like these laws has ever been put into law beforehand. Washington DC, Florida, Colorado, all the states with open spaces and topics of golf courses will be watching this vote. Billions of dollars will be decided upon. Multimillions will be spend on taxes, law sues, and zoning laws that are affected by this vote. Golf course communities, government leaders, taxes and city politics over real estate development.

Publisher, Thomas Chee

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