Dwight Mazzone and Joe Thomas : Gifts for Rebel Lover

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Thank you Dwight M. Mazzone and Joe Thomas for Rebel’s gifts. Tuesday, New Years Day, Dwight Mazzone brought us baby clothes with an Italian dinner that was outstanding. Kacey Ligon and I are still eating the food he brought the dishes were so big. He bought them at an Italian restaurant named Fanny’s. Yesterday, Joe Thomas invited us to Donut Bar where he gave us a gift with fashionable baby clothes. We were astounded with surprise. Joe and Dwight are all about community in Southern Nevada. Dwight Mazzone took boxes of Christmas gifts to the children at the Regional Justice Center in December. He fed all the families, parents, and studied the children to know their names. That is why good leaders care. Joe and Jeff Thomas give free donuts and balloons to children on the weekends. Donut Bar is the place to go for families and children in Las Vegas. Donut Bar stands for a place to meet, gather, connect, and enjoy the energy and company of the community.

Publisher, Thomas Chee

Las Vegas, Nevada

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