Las Vegas Chinese New Years Celebration 2019

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2019 Chinese New Years Celebration in Las Vegas with Hui-Lim Ang, President of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance.

February 19


6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

K J Kitchen has the most outstanding dim sum inside the Rio Hotel and Casino

Listen to her interview on KNPR Radio (below):

Interview on KNPR

Chinese culture is evident throughout Las Vegas.

We have the Asian Business District known as Chinatown. Chinese New Year is a huge holiday. And of course there are tons of Chinese tourists.

But what about the local population?

There are about 50,000 Chinese-Americans in Las Vegas, according to some estimates, and that number is growing.

Hui-Lim Ang is the current president of Chinese-American Citizens Alliance. She said the Las Vegas branch of the alliance was started 16 years ago but never did much beyond occasional dinners.

However, two years ago, Ang decided to change that and move the alliance to become more active in the community.

She said many Chinese who immigrated to the United States preferred not to get involved in politics and were generally more focused on prosperity.

Now, one of the main goals of the alliance is to educate the community about Chinese people and their culture.

Marc Matsuo is the incoming president of the alliance. He said explaining to people why certain dances are done or why certain foods are eaten is important to him.

“I think there is a lot of culture out there,” he said. “People see dances and different things and they appreciate it, but they don’t know the meaning behind it.”

Ang said the alliance held a special Chinese New Year dinner where she took the time to explain to the guests what certain dishes meant and why they were eaten specifically at New Years.

I joined the Chinese American Citizens Alliance as well as Sonny Vinuya’s Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce.

I joined both and my father was a Korean American, but we are an influential Asian community combining all of our friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Thomas Chee

Las Vegas Publisher

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