Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant 

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Chinatown Las Vegas Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant by Thomas Chee (12)

Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant
Chinatown Plaza
4275 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

The best dim sum in the United States outside of San Francisco, California. Councilwoman Michele Fiore brought corporations from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chinese executives to meet the government leaders in Las Vegas. They were impressed with Chinatown, so we all dined at the Councilwoman’s recommendation at Harbor Palace Seafood. The restaurant was packed with Asian leaders, locals, many talking about financial investments in the Hong Kong banking sector. I guess it is too cold to travel to Manhattan and flights to New York City are cancelled because of the freezing ice and snow, so we are going to stay in Las Vegas. The best way to get bring them to Las Vegas is to invite them. You have to invite them in person, looking them eye to eye. The Harbor Palace is the perfect place to take your friends from China, especially if they ask for an impressive dim sum menu. The taste is fantastic with a huge variety of dishes with mixed flavors, spices, and chives. Little details make all the difference when it comes to gourmet dim sum dishes on a menu. Impress your investors from China by bringing them to Las Vegas’ Spring Mountain Road.

Thomas Chee

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