Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast

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Lulu's Restaurant by Thomas Chee Las Vegas Nevada (8)

Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast
6720 Sky Pointe Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89131


Driving up to see the snow on Mount Charleston?
Dine at Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast.
Fabulous warm baked goods with hot coffee. The best place to stop before playing in the snow or skiing.

Lulu’s Bread & Breakfast is outstanding. Chocolate muffins and chocolate croissants were perfection. The taste divine. I live across town near the University of Las Vegas, UNLV, and would have never known about the baked muffins, gigantic cookies and breakfast with smoked bacon for my Swiss cheese omelette with home fries if I hadn’t been invited by Councilwoman Michele Fiore She invited the entire City of Las Vegas on TV and paid for all everyone’s coffee in Clark County. Now I returned this week and hope to make further trips out to Centennial Hills. The community is expanding with distilleries, new restaurants serving ramen, fish tacos, all around this personalized cinnamon bar called Cinnaholic on Tropical Parkway. The real treasure was in finding a new place to have breakfast before driving up to Mount Charleston to enjoy the snow.
Dine at Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast. You will return every week like me.
Thomas Chee

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