After college, I didn’t return my hometown, but left to explore. I went to China to look at job opportunities, then went to Prague in Czechoslovakia. I taught high school students at the first school of Commerce in Central Europe from 1992 to 1995. I prepared these students for the University of Economics. I left the teaching position because I was offered a teaching position at the largest construction company in Eastern Europe, the firm, Konstruktiva, I taught Czech leaders, Presidents, Chairman, and Vice Presidents, business English, English conversation, and proofread their English papers, materials, press releases. I left the teaching position at the school to teach at the company leading construction. The Czechoslovakian’s First President Mr. Edvard Benes founded this private school of Economics, which was the first school of Commerce in Central Europe in 1935 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. I was recruited from college at San Francisco State  University by the Headmaster, who was Director of the School. I was recruited to teach English after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, after the Fall of Communism, and I taught these students about business in the West, working in a Free Market Economy, and I took the students on field trips. I wrote about petroleum oil, international business, the wars in Yugoslavia, immigration outside of Israel, Turkey, the history of World War Two, and studied French at the French Alliance Institute, German at the Goethe Institute, and the Czech language at a private school. By learning Czech, I acquired knowledge of the Russian language. I read many books on Russian literature, European history, and energy, especially petroleum oil. I wrote many books on petroleum oil and created audio books on CD about petroleum oil after publishing the books. I took students from the high school to the United States, California, Nevada, and New York. I took Czech students and teachers on educational field trips to Germany, Poland, Turkey, and throughout Western Europe in France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

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