Thomas Chee Photo
Thomas Chee with Government Affairs at LV.Net is an author on petroleum oil, solar energy in Nevada and shale fracking. As an Internet expert creating the first advertising for Charles Schwab International Electronic Brokerage, Digital Instruments World Leader in Atomic Force Microscopes and Adobe Systems Illustrator 7.0, Thomas Chee created the first vertical web portals for the military’s Maingate in Jacksonville, Florida. Since college in San Francisco, California 1986, Thomas Chee has written for Sunset Magazine’s Lane Publishing regarding the future of petroleum around the globe. He began traveling during the first Persian Gulf War to interview petroleum executives worldwide from Kuwait, Turkey, Egypt, China, Israel, Greece, Germany and in the United States.

Thomas Chee explains, “I lived as an oil researcher along the coast of California where oil is drilled from San Diego to Santa Barbara to study on the shores. If you are going to base your research on book alone, read the books on petroleum while flying to Turkey, Egypt and Florida. Read the books about gas while traveling by train from Denver to Aspen, Colorado. That is why I started designing audio books on oil, CD audio books on petroleum, that drivers could listen to as they traveled to important lectures.”

Recent interviews on oil by Thomas Chee have taken place in Aspen and Rifle, Colorado, where billions of barrels have been discovered challenging OPEC’s large volume of petroleum production.


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