First in Internet Advertising and Digital Marketing - Highlights Charles Schwab International Electronic Brokerage: eSchwab CD Tutorial, eSchwab Campaign, Chinese and Spanish Financial Banner Ads Illustrator 7.0 Launch Kit - Adobe Systems: First rebate ad, first software for PC, Adobe Illustrator 7.0 launch kit with rebate ad, Adobe PageMill, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe PhotoDeluxe Digital Instruments / Veeco Metrolgoy: First Web Administrator, Nanoscope animation, atomic force tapping mode animation, First CD Technical Publication Military Resource and Information Network aka Maingate: First vertical portal for the military. NewzViewz: First live news stream using Channel Blast technology in Manhattan, New York City with Mark Lipsky, Vice President of Miramax I covered events with writing, video, and photography that changed the world as they happened from the first Persian Gulf War on January 17, 1991 as Operation Desert Storm began at 3 a.m. Baghdad time, while I was writing from Aswan, Egypt in the Middle East while still studying in college at San Francisco State University to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 at the corner of Chambers and Church Street in Manhattan. Accomplishments 1988 to 2001, Photojournalist, Publisher, Writing Instruction 1988-1992 Ambassador William Lane, Lane Publishing, Sunset Magazine, Menlo Park, California 1987 Interviewing Dr. Edward Barnet, Dean of the School of Travel Industry Management in Hawaii. Dr. Barnet studied with T.S. Eliot, 1948 Nobel Prize winner. 1991 Interviewing Kuwaitis in Egypt, Greece, and Germany during the Persian Gulf War. 1991 Egypt interviews along Nile River in Cairo, Luxor, all the way along the shores of Aswan Dam to Abu Simbel as Allied attacks began against Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, Iraq. 1992 Reporting from Belgrade on the War in Yugoslavia. Wrote about war zone for three weeks. 1993 January 1st; Reporting from the Bohemian capital of Prague at the city center where the split between Czechoslovakia into Czech and Slovakia began. Wrote and taught English from 1992 to 1994. 1998 Reporting with author and publishers in Israel, Palestine, Turkey and Greece. 2001 Reporting in New York City at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. Writing coverage from September to January 2002. 2004 Reporting on Mardi Gras in New Orleans French Quarter. 2005 Reporting in New Orleans in the French Quarter on Hurricane Katrina. I designed the first Internet ads with digital marketing before Adobe Illustrator was even created for Windows PC platform. This allowed me to work with the best Creative Directors and Advertising Agencies in San Francisco, California. Our team created the first Internet advertising in Silicon Valley on Sansome and Sacramento Street in the heart of San Francisco Bay Area. I lived on California Street which allowed me to take a cable car to work in the center of the Financial District. Las Vegas Portfolio Publishing Since 2006, Las Vegas Portfolio has published more than 400 books, magazines and audio books. Publish, write, and design books, magazines, DVDs, web, and social media for corporations and clients throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. Strategic communicator experienced in editing and writing for online and print audiences. Advise and council with corporations, gaming industries, publishers and gambling firms to cooperate in Marketing, Advertising and Publishing. Proficient at e-business via social media,, Smashwords, Booksurge and Google’s YouTube channels, Blogger, Sites. Design and develop publishing plans for Las Vegas publishers, books, magazines, press releases, promotions, online Marketing and social media including city events. Oversee all writing projects, creative and technical, including plans, book publications and blog postings. Specialization also includes Las Vegas financial transactions, technical expertise, tax incentives, and tourism. Developed and designed with Adobe Creative Suite softwares: Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and handled all the photography.